This is the process of infusing pigment into the skin to simulate the appearance of natural hair. It is considered a tattoo, and permanent makeup. Although it is considered permanent makeup, it does fade over time. Touch ups are suggested once a year in order to keep the color fresh and shape precise. 
Microblading is meant to be a natural enhancement, and to create the appearance of full, beautiful brows. It looks most natural on clients who already have semi full brow hair, and are wanting to perfect their shape. The more hair you have, the more natural it will appear. 
Microblading heals best on young, healthy skin that is normal-dry. 
Oily skin and aging/thin skin is not recommended for microblading. Results will not heal as well, or look as natural. If you have aging or oily skin, you are better suited for a combination or ombre brow!

Combo Brows


This is the process of infusing pigment into the skin to simulate the appearance of  filled in brows. When we microblade, we only add hair stokes to the brows to make them look full and natural. If you prefer a more “filled in” look, this is for you! A combination brow combines microblading strokes with shading, giving the brows more density and a soft ombre effect. This is a beautiful look for all skin types (including oily/aging skin), and heals very soft and beautiful.

Touch Up

6-12 week touchup $125
3+ Month Touchup- Please consult with me if you are wanting to book a touchup prior to your yearly color refresh 
Yearly touchup $200

Touch ups are required to maintain the quality of your brows. A mandatory 6-12 week touch up is required for optimum healed results. A second session ( the "perfecting"is alway required to build density and create the most natural looking brows possible. Your touch up appointment must be booked within the 6-12 week period to receive the $100 price. Any Touchups booked outside of that time frame will be subject to annual touchup prices ($200) Yearly touch ups are recommended to maintain the most vibrant color and shape! Please contact us for yearly touchup prices.

Brow Lamination


Brow Lamination is the latest trend in brows! Lamination is a gentle chemical process that breaks down the bonds in your hair and allows you to realign them into your desired shape! Lamination can be used to make sparse brows appear more full, to control unruly or "wild" brow hair; from super dramatic fluffy brows, to tame and precise Brow lamination is the way to go! Lamination takes approximately 30 minutes but results last from 6-8 weeks.