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Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is a necklace, anklet, or (more commonly) a bracelet that doesn't have a typical clasp for easy removal. Instead, the ends are welded or “zapped” together — with the intention of never taking it off..

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Jewelry Tarnish or change color?

Our gold jewelry is premium Gold Filled and our Silver is .925 Sterling Silver. Gold filled is over 100x thicker than gold plated and typically more durable than solid gold. Silver may temporarily tarnish when exposed to certain conditions such as chlorine, bleach and other strong chemicals. Simply wipe with a silver cleaning cloth or gently clean with dawn dish soap and a toothbrush. 

What Type of Chains Do you offer?

Premium Gold Filled and .925 Sterling Silver. Solid gold is available with preorder. 

How long Will it last?

With proper care, your permanent Jewelry can last up to 5 years!

How do I care for my Jewelry?

Permanent Jewelry is Low Maintenance not no maintenance. You will need to clean your jewelry to keep it looking new. The best way to clean your jewelry is with dawn dish soap and a soft toothbrush.

What If I Need To Remove My Jewelry?

Simply cut the jump ring with strong scissors or wire cutters. Keep your chain because it can be re-welded later!

What If My Jewelry Breaks?

Breaks are handled on a case by case basis. Breaks at the weld will be repaired at no cost, breaks wt the chain will be charged a repair or replace fee. This jewelry is durable, but not indestructible. 

Can I Bring a Friend to My Appointment?

Yes! each appointment can accommodate 2 people, for 3-4 people please schedule 2 appointments. For 5+ people request a private party. 

Do You Offer Private Parties?

Yes! For parties of 5+ with incentives for the host/hostess. We are also available for pop ups and collaborations with other small businesses! If you are interested in a party or pop up, please email

Does It Hurt? Is It Safe?

Doesn't hurt at all and is completely safe! No heat or spark touches or gets close to the skin. This is a totally non-invasive process. 

Where Can I Have Permanent Jewelry?

We offer bracelets, anklets, rings, necklaces, and belly chains. 

Will It Set off Metal Detectors?

No, much like a wedding ring or earrings your Permanent Jewelry is typically fine to wear through metal detectors. 

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