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About Me

Hello! I'm Jessica, your local brow artist!

How it started...

In 2019, I was working in a hair salon. I loved the fast paced environment and helping clients with their makeup and products. I knew I wanted more than to just be the girl behind the desk. I was itching to get my hands on clients and be creative! 

Originally I went to school for Fashion Design (any FIDM Alumni out there!?) and have always been a creative person. However, the Fashion industry just wasn't for me. I longed for community and a creative outlet and a business I could be excited about on a daily basis. When a brow artist I greatly admired announced that she would be training, I jumped on the opportunity and haven't looked back since! 

Why Black Craft Beauty?

When creating my vision for Black Craft Beauty, I was heavily influenced by Vintage 70's esthetics and music. I knew I wanted something mystical, magical, and that effused the Vintage Vibes I was inspired by. Our name was directly influenced by the Santana song 'Black Magic Woman'. There's nothing quite as magical as a killer brow transformation, so Black Craft Beauty seemed uniquely fitting. 

Our Mission...

As a woman of color, the beauty industry has always been a complicated place. It's not unheard of to go to a hairstylist only to find out they don't work on your hair type, or to be told certain tattoos or permanent makeup techniques won't be possible because of your skin tone. There is a very homogenous type of beauty that is prevalent in this industry that doesn't always feel super welcoming! My goal is to make sure my studio is a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. I have spent my career learning as many skills and techniques as possible to allow me to provide service to a wide variety of clientele. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best regardless of age, gender, or skin tone.

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