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Microblading so good, you'll swear its magic.

Black Craft Beauty is an inclusive Permanent Makeup company founded by Jessica Williams in San Diego, Ca. Jessica believes that everyone deserves to wakeup #flawless... no matter your age, gender, or style. We want everyone to feel welcome! Our goal is to enhance natural beauty and build confidence one set of brows at a time! If you're ready for brows so amazing you'll wonder if it's Black Magic, we're ready for you!


Want Award Winning Brows?

In 2020 we achieved Gold Status as "Best New Business" and in the"Best Tattoo/Piercing"  categories by the La Mesa Courior! Book your appointment and see why we were voted the Best of La Mesa! 


"I am loving my brows Jessica did on me! I still have to get my touch up done but I have noticed such a significant yet subtle difference in my before and after pics. Jessica was very attentive and precise throughout the entire session. Would highly recommend anyone looking to have fuller yet natural brows. I am obsessed with mine, thank you Jessica!

Gabby E.


Microblading has been something I've looked into and been curious about for a long time so I FINALLY decided to just do it already! I've had the privilege of seeing many other art forms that Jessica has created and was extremely comfortable with her artistic talents and attention to detail. She made me feel so comfortable and allowed room for all of my questions and concerns throughout the process. I absolutely LOVE my eyebrows and the fact that I no longer need to fill them in with makeup is amazing and such a time saver!

Christina P


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